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Wireless Camera CCTV

Wireless Camera CCTV
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Dear Readers,

Today we are talking about wireless technology in CCTV in Jaipur, basically its a simple CCTV system but it has the communication backbone on wireless,  a wireless carrier is used to fetch the CCTV video data.

Many wireless technologies available in these days , the most common technology is Wi -Fi. Broadband on wi-fi is basic need which is most common in various kind of users. a wi fi signal of 2.4 Ghz or 5 GHz is used for domestic and industrial purpose, a user can connect his device with wi fi  on these frequencies i. e. mobile phones, laptop , desktop and other devices.

With same fashion wireless CCTV camera can also be connected with wi fi devices, either this may be thru IP address or other method.  Wireless CCTV camera requires only power to operate, and it can be connected to Access point or any router, on the other hand a video recorder device can be connected on a network switch which synchronize the wireless network with the wired one.  How the connections are possible , how is configuration may take place , to know more about complete system , please contact us  thru our contact form


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