Wi fi Camera and IP Camera in jaipur

Wi fi Camera and IP Camera in jaipur
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Dear Readers ,

Today we are talking about the wi fi camera’s and IP camera available in the market, and its technology.

The wi fi camera basically is a IP Camera , which getting signal from available wi fi source i.e. router or others.

It has own IP address , which can be configured in sequence of wi fi router. It can be done by enabling the DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) option in IP Camera . After enabling the DHCP the IP camera automatically obtains the IP address assigned by the Router. And if the Router then connected to internet then IP camera can be seen on internet by some apps or software.

However P2P ( Peer to Peer) option also available in the some IP cameras ,Which mean one can connect the Wi fi  camera with his smart phone directly without any router. For small applications this technique is very useful. Wi fi camera needs power supply only , but it does not require signal cable .

Many companies  like Axis, Panasonic , Sony ,Dahua, Hikvision, Securus providing the Wi fi camera in the Market.

Mobile  SIM based CCTV camera’s are also available nowadays , this can transmit the snaps and videos captured to the internet so we can access the video data from anywhere.

If you want to know  more about the wi fi camera’s and IP camera’s then please contact us..


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