Spy Camera As Security System

Spy camera as security system

Spy camera as security system
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Dear Readers,

Today we will talk about the spy camera or hidden camera . A Spy camera or hidden camera can be good tool for surveillance , since it take pictures and video , of course audio , very silently. It is not recognizable easily due to design and shape. A spy camera can be mount in many products i.e Pen, Timer Clock, Wall Clock, Toy, TV Audio , System, Key rings, Some Show piece or any decorative product. A spy camera consists of slot for  Memory Card , on which user keep his data as per capacity of memory card . generally in market it comes in 1 GB to 128 GB capacity with different companies i. e. SANDISK, KINGSTON, HP, SAMSUNG and others . The video memory size depends on the resolution of the camera . Spy camera has built in battery , but in custom designs a dc power can also be feeded thru wired. to know more about spy camera available in jaipur , please contact us @ +91 76159933999

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