We offer our wide range of services in these products:

CCTV/Video Surviellance:

Video surviellance is the fundamental building block of any good security system and is a strong deterrent to theft and fraud,digital recoding allows to document events and can assist with a level of organizational awareness and control. Video surviellance having great role to identify the level of situation, to manage accordingly, ISP is committed to provide best solution according to need of the environment, using best products ,with best system designing and implementation technique as per standard laws of engineering & technology , utilizing best resources and skilled technical manpower. At Indus every project is accounted for customer satisfaction, no matter what the size of project. delivering maximum output through technology is the specialty of ISP. We know the what is the best possible utility of the product in the entire system, therfore we trying to take maximum from the product into the system.The most advance technology is ip cctv ,we are serving in ip cctv from vga resolution to megapixel series for special application in video, moreover ISP works on video

Fire Alarm System:

fire alarm system is necessary systems for buildings , it is the first step of preventing fire . mainly three concepts are used in fire protection system i.e. to indicate the fire or locate the fire, the second one is to suppress the fire , and lastly to fight with the fire . in first step it is very important to locate the position of fire or to locate the situation of the fire , for this particulars there are huge no. of products available in the market. at ISP we use most trusted products in our portfolio, and design the fire alarm system most intelligently considering all the aspects related to fire i.e. fuel storage, false cealing area, cabling structure etc. both analog fas and addressable fas are designed to give the maximum level of protection for life and valuables assets, with very high accuracy, and expert level of integrity with ahu( air handling unit)elevators, and voice evacuation system. the next step is to suppress the fire automaticlly, and the last is to fight with it , no doubt it’s emergency.. for this situation we have fire extinguisher of renowned brands.

PACO System:

When The Situation happens when you require Common announcing to your employees, or you want to announce in particular place in the premesis. Some times the requirement arrives of Hi-Tech Conference System with Audio and Video Facility. On other side the situation happens of emergency for evacuation . For all These needs of Addressing the People or community ISP have perfect solutions. ISP Provides world’s best products to feel the hi tech environment , to meet all the challenges in Voice or Video Section. Whatever the Situation will be ISP is able to design the system which is not compromising and willing to fight with the odds either in Domestic Public address systems for pipe music, common addressing or for rugged situation of voice evacuation.

Industrial System:

 Indus System & Projects deals In various kind of instruments which is used in industrial application in various machines or various systems. ISP having a range of Drives & Control Equipments, Gas Detectors, Flammable Toxic and Oxygen Gas Detectors, Universal Transmeter , Motion and Drives ,Power Supplies and Transformers, Sensors and RFID systems, Pushbutton Switches, Pilotlights control station , Joystics,Motor Starters, Interface ,Measurements, Control Relays, Contactors, Protection Relays, Boxes, Cabling Interface, Busway And Cable Management,Hmi system, Hardware ,Mechanical Components, Workshop Consumables, Display Devices , Indiactors . with better service assurance.

Home Automation:

Imagine the possibility of controlling all lights ,appliances other devices in your working and living environment , Comes To Luxury then think ISP , Home Automation looks simple with dedicated Hi Tech Equipments to make your life more comfortable and easier. ISP having intelligent Products which is used to make your premises smart, the technology covers lighting control, Curtain Control, Audio Video Control , AC Control , Appliances Control, Gate automation on your finger tips on a single panel when you in home or outside doesn’t matter , control when you want where you want.

Intrusion detection System

Indus Systems provides wide range of Intrusion Detection systems products in wireless and wired systems. We provides the security systems for shops, offices , Multiapartments, shopping malls, Warehouses and other premises. The application either is for indoor purpose or outdoor purpose like perimeter intrusion system , we have the solution for both. To make your world secure ISP have integrity solutions with fire alarm systems with intrusion detection system.

Building Management System

If you talk about the building management system, then we have solution on it. Let us more clear about it. This is the system which connects , controls, and manage the various systems implemented at your premises . This makes more complex systems into easier systems .Building management system is a microprocessor based control system designed to moniter and control all parameters of HVAC, Electrical ,PHE, Fire Protection ,Elevators, and other building services utilities. Building management system helps in conserving energy, by executing various energy efficient programs for optimized performance of the system and to assist the operation , maintenance and Installation . Using Building Management system a big project which has multifunction can be monitored and controlled by a small team of technical staff , this resultant efficiency, low operation cost, easy management in odd situations.

Access Control & Special Purpose Devices

Prevention from unknown or permeable access is the name of technique of access control system. ISP deals is Access control solution of biometrics ( Thumb ,Finger ,Face ,Palm) RFID Card Based ( Proximity,I class,Calmshell) ,Smart locks, password protected sytems. Access Control Solution can be made of multi level security system means combination of two or three techniques in a single system. The Technology of Access Control not only limit the access level in various area of building but also provides the data & log, Which is very useful for time and Attendance . This becomes a record for many purpose and operation for the user. Outdoor application needs different kind of access control solutions i.e. Boom Barriers, Turnstiles, Road Blockers Bollards ISP provides these solution also .
ISP deals in various kinds of special purpose devices GPS for Vehicle Tracking System, Metal Detectors , Baggage scanner, Under vehicle surveillance system.

Industrial Safety Equipments

ISP is committed to serve Industrial need of Security Systems , so to Providing the solution in physical safty we provide the Industrial safty equipments also. ISP deals in complete range of Industrial Safty equipments . This covers Fall protection , Eye Protection, Ear Protection , Complete body Protection , Hand Protection, Gas Masks, etc.

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