How to select CCTV Camera 2Mega Pixel over 1Mega Pixel

How to select CCTV Camera 2Mega Pixel over 1Mega Pixel
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Hi Friends ,

Generally a question arises while selecting the CCTV camera system, which is more suitable either 1 MP Camera or 2MP Camera . here MP is short form of Mega Pixel.

So , Let make a difference in 1 MP and 2 MP . A 1 MP Camera have a resolution matrix of 1280 x 720 Pixels. It Means

1280 X 720=9,21,600 . In a Resolution Matrix of any Display Devices the device will contain 1280 pixels in Horizontal and 720 pixels in vertical , the multiplication of Horizontal pixel to Vertical pixels will results the Resolution.  Why we say it Mega Pixel ? A Mega is a word , which is used to denote 10,00,000( Ten Lacs)in science.

1 Mega Pixel  is (921600/1000000)=.9216  which is nearer to 1.0  . therefore it is known as 1MP or 1 Mega Pixel.

Similarly 2MP or 2 Mega Pixel Camera have a resolution matrix of 1920 x 1080 pixels Its means 1920 x 1080=2073600 .

2 Mega Pixel is (2073600/1000000)= 2.0736 which is slightly higher than 2.0 or nearer to 2.0  therefore it is known as 2MP or 2 Mega Pixel. more on mega pixel

2MP Camera having double the pixels than 1MP camera , therefore the image created by 2MP camera is smoother than 1MP camera. having  sharp colors , more brightness and possibility to enlarge(zoom) the image.

But somehow 1MP CCTV Camera is also recommended for narrow places for wide area coverage i suggest 2MP CCTV camera.Due to these qualities i suggest  the 2MP CCTV camera rather than 1MP CCTV camera. A   2MP CCTV camera in Jaipur is more popular these days due to its efficiency and low prices. Many companies providing CCTV camera’s upto 4K resolution.  The available camera’s are 1.0,1.3,2.0,2.4,3.0,4.0,5.4, and 4K resolution, in different different companies,  with more digital features. for more inquiry please contact us.

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