Hybride CCTV System

Hybride CCTV system

Hybride CCTV system
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Hi Friends, here today we are discussing the hybrid CCTV system, which means a system which has the quality to process  the incoming connection ( signals ) from different technologies , ie. AHD (Analog High Definition) , HDCVI ( High Definition Over Composite Video Interface) , HDTVI ( High Definition Transport Video Interface) , Analog TVI ( Olden Days TV Line System) and the IP Based ( Digital System which includes UTP Cable for signaling).

This Technology have the feature , that any  video signal comes from the above technologies , can be processed in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) , and can be recorded, and processed as per DVR features. So the user does not have any issue with camera technology , either he have the Latest technology or old technology, he will receive the worth ful signal .

Basically the video signal made by CCTV camera through picture device (CCD/CMOS/MOS) and others in digital format , this signal further converted according to cable technology,  suppose if someone having Co-axial conductor during CCTV installation, then video signal from CCTV camera travels thru it to DVR, and if someone has used the UTP Cable for CCTV installation , then also, the signal travels thru it to DVR .  But the different only is that Co-axial Cables connected Directly to DVR , But UTP Cable needs the network switch between CCTV camera and DVR. Also Network Switch provides the flexibility to add multiple Cameras on the DVR.


Since DVR Accept Analog Signals as well as IP signal , therefore it is commonly known as Hybrid DVR. If you need more information on it then contact us.


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