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HOW IR CCTV Camera works

HOW IR CCTV Camera works
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Today we are talking about , How IR CCTV Camera Works ? The CCTV camera works thru image sensor, which can be either it can be MOS( Metal Oxide Semiconductor), CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) , or CCD (Charged Coupled Device) sensor, an image produced by the Image sensor in the presence of light source, and transfered to DSP (digital signal processor) for singal rectification and further processing. when a Light from source falls on object and reflect from the object , then it reflected light captured in the Image Sensor, and the image produced.

So it is understood that Light Plays essential role to produced Picture. Now come to IR (Infra Red) , Infra red is the band of light spectrum , which is not visible to human eyes, but camera image sensor can identify it. So in CCTV camera IR is used to illuminate the Object in night when natural source or other light source is not available. Infra Red having only illumination or darkness , so when it falls on object , and returned to image sensor, then the picture is produced,  Commonly 830 nm (Nano Meter) to 950 nm  used in CCTV Camera in Jaipur. How many Types IR camera available in market ? for more information please contact ….

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