Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher in Jaipur

Fire Extinguisher in Jaipur
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Fire Extinguisher

Dear Reader,

We will discuss today about fire extinguisher available in jaipur. Fire extinguishers is the primary tool for fire safety.

on another way ,we can say first aid on fire incidents. Fire Extinguishers are available many types for different kind of fires, this means there are different cause of fire , depends on fuel available on the fire place i.e. wood, paper,plastics,rubber, oil, acid ,chemicals, petrol, diesel,other flammable material.If the the cause of fire were among these , so  the selectivity of fire extinguishers should be according to that. for general type of fire which has fuel paper, wood, etc A B C Type of fire extinguishers should be use, for fire which has cause from oil & other chemical Dry Powder Type of fire extinguisher can be use, for fire which caused by electrical fault , CO2 type of fire extinguishers can be used… know more about fire extinguishers in jaipur , please fill our contact form or call us on 9928855966.



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