CCTV Camera In Jaipur

Latest Technologies of CCTV Camera in Jaipur

Latest Technologies of CCTV Camera in Jaipur
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CCTV Camera in Jaipur

Dear All ,

You must searched about Security systems for your home or office, or other Places on internet, CCTV is the most popular Security system for surveillance . So here i want to share about latest technologies, in CCTV now a days.

Before Proceeding for latest ones, i must brief the oldies , in previous years T V Lines technology were commonly used to define the quality of CCTV camera, Generally TVL series were 380 TVL, 420 TVL,520TVL,560,TVL, 580 TVL,600 TVL, 650 TVL, 700TVL, 800 TVL this was gone up to 1000 TVL, But 1000 TVL or more than 1000 TVL could not established in the market, due to arrival of MEGAPIXEL Series.

Since the Box TVs( Cathode Ray Tube based) are out of fashion, and LCD/LED’s are used nowadays , and this comes in HD Ready , and Full HD (High Definition) quality, simultaneously Generation of CCTV camera’s are also changed this moved from TVL’s to Megapixel, in early generation 1 Megapixel came into market . 1 Mega Pixel has the resolution of  1280 x 720 Pixel , this is near to 1 MP , so it is called HD Ready .

1 MP CCTV camera’s are most popular , and still used for CCTV security system, after that 1.3 (near to 1.3MP)came in to existence, this has the resolution 1280 x 1024, The rollover of 1.3 became 2 Megapixel which is most popular these days, 2 MP has Matrix Resolution 1920 x 1080 , This is commonly known as FULL HD.

Megapixel Table

Megapixel table for CCTV Camera in Jaipur

However 3 Megapixel has been launched in market already, and 4 K also in Market but they are expensive too….

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