4K CCTV Camera in Jaipur

4K CCTV Camera in Jaipur
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Hello Friends,

Today we will talk about the high resolution CCTV Camera Available in Jaipur, Yes this is 8 Mega Pixel camera. It has the resolution matrices 3840 X 2160. This is very high resolution and also known as 4K camera. The 4K CCTV camera available in all leading brands. It has the aspect ration 16:9.  when selecting 4K camera for video security purpose , then consider the DVR or NVR first , the recording frame , the size of HDD and the network transmitting property. 4K recorders are available in H.265(High Efficiency Video Coding) and H.265+ encoding formats. H.265 reduces about 50% to 65% of hard disk space. H.265 Compression codec works on low bandwidth as compare to H.264.

However H.265 takes less disk space in 8 MP resolution but it takes high disk space and bandwidth as compare to 1080P camera , as shown in above figure.

If you are planning to buy 4K CCTV system , please contact us for more details about it

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